Activities in el Valle del Elqui

La Villa Sueca is known not only for its prime location in the heart of natural beauty, but also for the quietness and harmony that surround the area. It is a popular destination for those who want to leave behind the stress of everyday life in the city and enjoy the soothing effect of nature. We offer a variety of activities in el Valle del Elqui.

Swimming pool:

This tourist facility has a modern swimming pool suitable for both children and adults. The swimming pool is located close to the bungalows and near a smaller forest of eucalyptus trees where one can relax in the shade.

Nature zone:

Flowing through the peaceful sanctuary of the forest is a brook where one can sit, cool off and relax. There are outdoor barbeque grills available as well. Adjoining this area is a playground handmade with local wood and treated to protect children from splinters, etc. If you are lucky you will be able to see colibris.

Other recreations:

Another popular activity at La Villa Sueca is horseback-riding (External service). La Villa Sueca organizes trips by horseback to different natural and beautiful places in the Valle del Elqui area. For more experienced riders, there are horseback excursions in the Andes mountains.

Even though you are in touch with nature and the calm of this valley, you can still be in contact with the rest of the world. La Villa Sueca offers free access to Wi-Fi and Internet. A chance for you to stay on top of your business and to keep in touch with friends and family. You can also enjoy a game of table football.

Other activities:

If you enjoy star gazing, another possible trip is to the observatory located nearby. This part of Chile is famous for its observatories. The United States and several European countries have heavily invested in these laboratories because this area has the most clear, cloudless skies in the world. The most famous observatory is Tololo located 25 minutes by car from La Villa Sueca. Many of the most famous photos of the heavens are taken from this observatory.

Close to Tololo is another observatory called Mamalluca. Mamalluca can be seen from La Villa Sueca (approximate 8 km) and has been very popular among tourists from around the whole world. The observatory has been rebuilt so tourists can have more possibilities to explore the universe. It’s open the year round.

Another popular destination are the the wineries. Chile is famous for its wines. La Villa Sueca arranges trips to the wineries and also to the the local producers of the drink Pisco. There one can learn how to make Pisco and other regional grape-based drinks.

La Villa Sueca is situated close to the small and picturesque town Vicuña. Here you can browse in the local shops and purchase beautiful handcrafts from the region. If you would like to sample some of the local fare, the local restaurants offer everything from simple salads to elaborate meat dishes. The town also has several museums. One of these is the Museum of Gabriela Mistral (Nobel prize winner in literature 1945). Another is the Natural Historical Museum. There is also a museum where one can see items from the northen Chilian Indian culture. Down below are some pictures from the Museum of Gabriela Mistral.

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